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IV Symposium on Exploration & Production of Unconventional Resources


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) invites you to the IV Symposium on Exploration and Production of Unconventional Resources, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 20 to 22, 2023.

This symposium will enable oil and gas industry professionals to improve and share knowledge on Unconventional Resources, by exchanging experiences on new technologies, operational practices and other critical aspects of the E&P cycle. The aim of this exchange will be to avoid common mistakes and to accelerate implementation of best practices to develop Unconventional Resources cost-effectively. The main goal of the symposium is to facilitate access to increased efficiency and sustainability of the whole process, from exploration to development, production, transportation and commercialization of Unconventional Resources


Carlos Pellegrini 551, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,

Important Dates

Symposium :
March 20th to 22th, 2023

Abstract Presentation New Deadline:  
August 10th, 2022

About this Symposium

Under the theme “The Way to Efficiency and Sustainability” the program will emphasize the use of new technologies and operational practices aimed to increase efficiency in the different stages of the unconventional resources E&P process. Sustainability will also be a focus point in this event

Symposium Format

The Symposium will maximize the exchange of ideas among attendees and presenters through technical ‎presentations followed by extended Q&A. Focused topics will attract an informed audience eager to ‎discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices.‎ There will be a combination of papers and invited presentations which can take the form of case studies, best practices and technology reviews highlighting engineering achievements and ‎lessons learned. Frank discussion will be stimulated as well as the presentation of field cases studies (even unsuccessful ones) including a critical analysis of advantages and inconveniences faced with the implemented changes.



  • Gabriel Irazuzta (Presidente) – Grupo Capsa
  • Luciano Monti – YPF S.A.
  • Gervasio Barzola – Consultant
  • Pablo Forni – Grupo Capsa
  • Francisco Fragachan – Weatherford
  • Eugenio Ferrigno – Globant
  • Alejandro Peña – Schlumberger
  • Miguel Lavia – Consultant
  • Sezai Ucan – Consultant
  • Evangelina Cordero – Pecom Energía
  • Lourdes Guiñazu – Pecom Energía
  • Verónica Irazuzta – Pluspetrol
  • Santiago Bodini – Grupo Capsa


  • Daniel Rosato (Presidente) – Consultant
  • Gonzalo Pérez Cometto – Pan American Energy
  • Ricardo Ferrante – Consultant
  • Diego Solís – Pluspetrol
  • Jorge Meaggia – Consultant
  • Pablo Crespo – Pan American Energy
  • Julio Shiratori – Consultant
  • Lourdes Guiñazú – Pecom



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Not available yet


Under the theme “The Way to Efficiency and Sustainability”, the symposium will emphasize the use of new technologies and operational innovative practices aimed to increase efficiency in the different stages of the Unconventional Resources E&P process. Sustainability will also be a focus point in this event.

Why exhibit?

  • Introducing new products and services
  • Showcasing advanced technologies, services and expertise
  • Interacting with potential clients and current customers.
  • Establishing and reinforcing your marketing message and relationships with key buyers

How to be an exhibitor

Exhibitor package: Not available yet

Exhibition floor plan: Not available yet

Sponsorship & Advertising


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is an extremely powerful promotional tool.

Give your organization maximum exposure to a sophisticated audience of E&P professionals, including top decision makers in the industry, by utilizing a sponsorship package from the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Argentina) in the IV Symposium on Exploration and Production of Unconventional Resources. 

Sponsorship Opportunities options: Not available yet

Advertising Opportunities

The Symposium will offer the possibility to have promotion space in the Program of the Event. Advertising opportunities options are not available yet.

Commercial Advertising

In keeping with the objectives of the Symposium and the SPE guidelines, no commercial advertising will be permitted during the presentations. Company logos should only be used to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).

Technical Papers

Those authors whose abstracts are selected for presentation in the Symposium will have two options to show their work:

  1. To have a Technical Paper registered, numbered and published by the SPE (in the Symposium Proceedings and in the SPE One Petro virtual library). An URL containing copies of the Symposium Papers under this option ‎will be available to all attendees following the Symposium.

  2. Not to have a formal Paper numbered nor published by the SPE (if they want to keep the confidentiality of the information within the Symposium scope). The authors under this option will not need to write a Technical Paper following the standard format of the SPE. Therefore, there will not be a Paper available in the URL of the Symposium (neither in One Petro). Authors will only need to prepare a Power Point presentation for the Symposium. These PPT presentations might be published in our local web page only if the SPE Argentina receives explicit consent from the authors.


Presentation of Abstracts (“Call for Papers Proposals”)

Submission of an Abstract

All authors who wish to present a technical work at this Symposium must submit an Abstract with a summary of the proposal and its main conclusions, through the following link:

The new deadline for submission of the Abstract is Wednesday, August 10th, 2022.

The Abstract should be classified by the author in one of the following Submission Topics:

    1. Well Construction Practices
    2. Reservoir Geology and Engineering in Tight Sands and Shales
    3. Well Completion and Stimulation
    4. Cube Development Patterns, Well Testing and Interference
    5. Production / Artificial Lift
    6. ROI Optimization and Increased Recovery
    7. Technological and Operational Advances
    8. Field Case Studies
    9. Environmental Aspects
    10. Transportation and Commercial Aspects

The interest of this Symposium is focused in Tight Gas, Shale Oil and Shale Gas. Other disciplines as Heavy Oil, Coal Bed Methane, Methane Hydrates, that might be considered as unconventional hydrocarbon resources, are not included among the topics for this specific event.

Submission Process

  • Obtain necessary publication clearance and permission from your management.
  • Submit your proposal online by the deadline of August 10th, 2022.  During the submission process, you will have the option to select between these two options (that describe what you would like to do if your abstract is selected for presentation at the Symposium):
    1. Manuscript, if you intent to prepare a formal paper (following SPE guidelines) to be numbered and published by SPE.
    2. Abstract Only, if you intent to submit your future proposed presentation only through a PPT.
  • If your proposal is accepted and you wish to submit a manuscript for publication in the symposium proceedings, you will be required to submit the technical paper by 1 December 2022

All authors and speakers will be required to prepare a presentation (PPT) for review and approval by 26 February 2023. Speakers will be provided with further guidelines in due time.

Plagiarism Check

In an effort to further improve SPE’s technical quality standards, all submitted conference papers will be checked for plagiarism.

Selection Process

All abstracts will be analyzed and qualified by the Technical Committee of the Symposium. This Committee will select the abstracts that will be invited to be included in the Technical Program of the Symposium.

One person may be the author or co-author of one or more papers for presentation in the Symposium.

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